Any construction company success is based on: 

efficient personnel policies
high executive discipline

Individual approach to every client is at least equally important and it consists in agreeing long-term and mutually beneficial business relations which are based on development of partnership and mutual trust. Thanks to its long standing presence in the construction market, and therefore gained knowledge and experience, WODPOL Sp. z o.o., offering professional and comprehensive construction and renovation services, renders its highest quality services in a manner friendly to all participants of construction processes.

Our Company has many years of experience and may pride itself on being well established in both the local and national market. Currently, WODPOL Sp z o.o. is one of the most active companies in the region. Our services are rendered mainly locally but we are also active in the construction sector nationwide as well as in foreign markets.

Having comprehensive technical facilities and qualified personnel at its disposal, WODPOL Sp. z o.o. is able to undertake most complex construction projects. From the moment of being established, we have focused on development and improving our skills as well as on investment into our equipment resources.  Owing to these, we have become the reliable and respected business partner able to meet any challenge we undertake.

We approach each and every of our contracts individually and base cooperation with our business partners on three fundamental rules:

  •  Reliability at works’ execution
  •  Legal compliance
  •  Relations based on partnership


Executing our activities we pay great attention to detail, as it is the only way to ensure perfectionism and high quality. Basing on already gained experience, we are consistent in implementing new technologies and solutions, which result in our clients being rendered fully professional services of the highest quality.

We belong to the group of companies of which fundamental activity is rendering services of a general contractor. Thus the need to maintain our position in the strongly competitive market. Thanks to applying modern technologies and competitive offer pricing , we are able to ensure not only continuity of construction and assembly tasks’ rendering but also our company development in terms of both quantity and quality.

We are committed to being investor friendly. The moment of a blueprint being handed over to us is the one in which the investment becomes alive in our hearts. We analyze any possible technical and technological solutions thoroughly, draw investor’s attention to technologically doubtful elements and solutions, point out crucial aspects which the design does not take into account.

Thanks to the already executed investments we are now held in high esteem by the industry and are perceived as
  • a reliable
  • an honest
  • a professional
business partner.

Trust, which our Clients have in us, the immensely valuable asset, pays off in terms of new challenges we undertake with willingness and zeal. It is our policy to adhere to business ethics principles. Becoming involved in various projects, we try to protect the natural environment and develop local communities’ potential. Thanks to these, we hope to change the Polish reality of construction industry and set good practices. We also wish to continuously order and refine our activities which, thanks to our passion and dreams, let us step into the future and beyond the set cannons of thinking.